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Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology
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Selection and Evaluation of Residential Property / Apartment

The best timing to look for a place to stay or to invest in is at the house hunting stage – as to understand what are the right Feng Shui criteria of a potential property such as the environment and surrounding landforms, the presence and flow of good energy to support and enhance your own lucks and ensuring more opportunities and success can be enabled for your health, wealth and relationships.

Some of the important factors includes:

  1. Is the property currently meeting the prosperous timing and having the prosperous Feng Shui energy to support its residents.
  2. Is the property setup benefits the residents for their living in relationship to health, studying, resting and sleeping.
  3. Is the surrounding environment of the property benefit its setup and is the property able to tap that auspicious energy of the surrounding natural formations to benefit its residents?
  4. How long is the prosperous Feng Shui energy of this property going to last?
  5. The opportunity of this property offered for the resident to setup certain configurations to increase their capabilities as well as opportunities, and mitigate any potential negativities that the environment or surrounding of the property may bring.

In regardless of whether you are looking for a property to stay or invest in for future positive returns, successful owners engage Feng Shui services to do their property selection and evaluation in order to harvest its positive Feng Shui potentials of buying or investing into the right property.

Before thinking of moving house or buying a new house to stay in, plan head to choose the place, location and house that allow its Feng Shui to enhance your success in wealth creation, career, family, relationship or health or for a better life!!

What is considered a better life? Having the opportunities to meet helpful people, better opportunities and rewards in career development, business having good cash flow with good support, etc., healthier life, good and harmonious relationship with family and friends, etc.

Your energy can be.complemented by the Feng Shui energy of the house you are staying in or moving to, in order to benefit you in creating a better life.

If you have the options to choose a house with complementing Feng Shui energy to you, would you want to plan ahead to choose the right ones.

The important factors that will decide if the next house you are going to live in is the one complementing you and not would be as follows:

1. Your current house location
2. The direction you are moving to for the new house
3. The facing of your new house
4. The main entrance door of the new house
5. The layout of the important space of usage such as sleeping, cooking, etc.

Action is the first step to your success in such endeavour, by knowing and planning for a better next house to bring you success.  Email ask@amonee for further details.

The link between Heaven, Earth and Man energy

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