amonee Consultancy Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology
Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology


What is considered a rewarding lifestyle? To do things right at the right location at the right time to leverage on the opportunities to meet helpful people, having better choices and rewards in career development, generating good cashflow in business with good support, healthier life, good and harmonious relationship with family and friends, etc.?

Location or the environment you are in plays the influencing factor to your decision making and action plan, the opportunities available and the options that you can choose to allow your luck to be on the good side to increase your rewarding potentials.

Your energy can be complimented by the energy of the residence, the place or the area you are in or moving to, in order to benefit you in creating a better lifestyle. If you have the options to choose a house with complementing Feng Shui energy to you, would you want to plan ahead to choose the right ones.

Whether you are looking for a property to stay or invest in a property for future positive returns, successful owner / investor leverage on our services to do their property selection and evaluation to benefit from positive Feng Shui potentials of buying or investing into the right property.

The best timing to look for a location to stay or to invest in is at the property hunting stage – as to understand what are the right Feng Shui criteria of the potential property such as its environment and surrounding landforms, the presence and flow of good energy to support and enhance you and your family members’ lucks and ensuring more opportunities and success can be enabled for your health, wealth and relationships.

Similarly for your business and workplace location, unit selection, layout recommendations for personalisation for important business activities, office layout setup such as location of entrance, sales, marketing, management required to enable business success.