amonee Consultancy Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology
Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology

Personal Consult

Personal Consult can be engaged through a formal chat on a professional basis to guide you as the client to understand your issue from the human behavioural and nature occurrences perspective and offer an intellectual advice or guidance to allow you to see from a different view,  thus enabling thoughts reorientation or necessary behavioural adjustment to regain your confidence to face the challenges and adopting different solutions or approaches to achieve a better outcome and success.

The difference today in engaging your Personal Consult compared to the past is instantaneous and faster response to get answers or advice to one’s problem or issue and the ability to make better judgement, the optics to see more options, the guidance being provided and thus better outcomes or positive results.

The tools available to the consultant for the Personal Consult and the knowledge about the subject would make the difference to provide clearer optics to the information. With forecasting tools such as the studies of elemental influences on individual, the time, space and location of individual at certain point of time that preview a set of information according to its logical derivation of cause and effect, as proven time to time of real event happenings, plus the experience and expertise acquired present a valuable resource of engagement for a personal consult.

There are various topics of Personal Consult that you can engage for a consultation;

  1. Business: How to help your business to turn to a profit? What kind of challenges are presented where you might not be aware of that triggered current events? What are the options to leverage on to improve your business – be it in manpower, networks, intellectuals, assets? What are the strategies available to compete, gain market shares, improve customer relationship, etc.? Identification of problem or issues inside an organisation or business.
  2. Career counselling: With changing of the dynamics in corporate careers and skills requirements, guidance is more in needs to allow a career person to get into the right profession or job that will help them be both happy and productive as a career person.