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Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology

Our Health and The Link

Your Health based on your Bazi or date of birth

There is a simple link between between our individual body health and the universal energies based on the timing of our birth with the type of energies present.

Studies such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Four Pillars (Eight characters or Bazi) share the same philosophy of deriving the elemental energies from the time of a person birth as part of the universal energies, that are named or referenced by the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

By understanding the five elements, a person’s physical health can be learned and therefore allowing us to have the ability to take necessary precautions to have pro-active care or treatments as health is considered a very important asset of our human life.

By taking active management for our own physical health as well as people around us such as our parents and our loved ones; apart from eating healthy diets, exercise, adoption of right medical advice and helps plus regular checkups, we can also take the initiative to understand the nature of energy flow patterns at various stages of our life and follow-up with the necessary remedy, preventive measures or changes to the lifestyle.

There are some of us that might have pre-existing or hereditary health condition and with these elemental information, cautionary event timings and options can be studied to manage it properly. Our living space could be also an influencing factor and by reviewing it, any potential causing factors from existing living environment that could have contributed to the health condition can be evaluated and therefore to make necessary adjustment for improving.

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