amonee Consultancy Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology
Empowering Personal and Business Success with Personalised Feng Shui and Astrology


amonee Consultancy has been assisting people of various background since 2009 to allow them to make better choices in various aspect of self, health, relationship, career, investment and business decisions.

We are here to assist you further in bridging any gap in relation to your situation of great significance and provide you with insights and guide you along with better choices and clarity.  The goal is to help you to be more accomplished with fulfilment in your life journey.

The followings are example of ways that we can assist you further;

  1. Career path valuation and alignment for the betterment of your value adds and offerings
  2. Business situational forecast with current issue and strategy
  3. HR hiring and candidates profiling for identifying talents of matching personality, mindset and values to the company’s performance requirement
  4. Personal relationship – analysis and recommendations for a more fulfilled relationship
  5. Personal health – optics into any existing condition or seeking pro-active and preventive management, analysis of existing living environment that could contribute to existing health issues and make necessary adjustment
  6. Personal wealth – analysis of any existing challenges and identifying strategy on wealth generating opportunities.
  7. Review of residence with yearly Feng Shui energy to leverage on the yearly complimenting good energy for benefiting the residents
  8. Review of retail shops, corporate managers office with yearly updates and adjustment for better potentials in their business and sales revenue generation.
  9. Premium service for busy professionals and business owners to pre-plan and identifying good days and timing for their important business or professional activities.
  10. Others

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